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Demonstrations, on-site Training, Consultancy

Indicative options

In close collaboration with Mermayde, an enthusiastic environmental consultancy founded in 1994, we offers activities related to consultancy, demonstrations, workshops etc. for application of the MOSSELMONITOR®.

The following are examples of our support activities. It will be obvious that other options can be arranged (e.g. instruction at our premises, longer periods, more monitors, organisation of specialist discussions, a workshop, ...)

Option 1

A one-day operation with discussion on the application of biological early warning systems and the MOSSELMONITOR® in particular.
Demonstration of its functioning using stored data sets.
No in situ operation.

Option 2

As option 1, but a two-day operation, including additionally:

Option 3

As option 2, but a one week (5 days) practical demonstration with additional:

Option 4

As option 3, but with an extended period of exposure at a field or laboratory location
(e.g. an additional 5 weeks), including:

Option 5

Long terms contracts (> 2 months).
A MOSSELMONITOR® system is leased.
After installation by our specialists, training of your staff, etc., the data collected is transferred to Mermayde or AqWa for evaluation. Frequencies may vary (per day to per month), or only in case of observed/expected effects.
Reports will be submitted in the Dutch or English language, unless agreed otherwise.
Mussels (Dreissena polymorpha or Mytilus edulis) may be provided by (air) mail.